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Losing my Singapore permanent residency (rightly so) is a trade off I've considered and accepted before applying for further study abroad. Even if I return to Singapore before my 5-year REP expires and get employed here again, it would probably be hard for the ICA to justify renewing my REP given the 2-3 years of missing "economic contribution" to Singapore.
It's up to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority, but I think you'd be likely to get at least a one year renewal in the scenario you describe. Spending a couple years getting a Master's degree overseas to improve one's knowledge is a perfectly reasonable thing for PRs to do, and I expect the government understands that.

Note that technically you don't need a Re-Entry Permit as long as you scoot back to Singapore before your REP expires and stay physically in Singapore. You only need a valid, unexpired REP to re-enter Singapore, exactly as described. If you never leave Singapore, then you never need to re-enter. Yes, this includes taking the bus to Johor or the ferry to Batam.
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