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anyone has any take on which stack is preferable for a 3 bedroom (inc. deluxe/premium configurations)?

thanks in advance!
Depends on your needs, B1 and B2 i feel the configurations is very efficient, but problem is MBR wardrobe might be a bit small, and no store room, will be challenging to keep things. See how you want to manage and see if your family have a lot of clothes or not.

I would prefer B1 over B2 because of the 20sqft difference, most likely the cheapest also.

I like B6 if you want want storeroom, i feel more efficient and have an open concept kitchen style, probably can transform the area into a wet/dry kitchen and take the dining to the balcony.

the MBR size also looks different for the 2 different premium layout, you might want to take into consideration - the bigger one is good if you are planning to have a baby or throw a mattress on floor for kid to sleep together, but no the added space is a waste.
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