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That is probably true for other industry. I am in the IT industy. When Google SG opened engineering office, I had to turn down the opportunity to apply. The pay gap is huge between my sponsoring company and google. After working for them for 3 years with below market salary, I decided to move on and my pay jumped by 100%.

So if you think that the job is good just because it is from a scholarship sponsor, think twice. You may not be seeing the full picture.

I have a few other friends who have taken prestigious overseas scholarship, most of them are just waiting for the bond to be over and move out of their respective organization. If it was not due to the high amount of liquidation damage, they would have left earlier.

On a side note, most of my peers who are currently working for Tier 1 companies e.g. Google/Facebook, are all ahead of me in terms of annual compensation.
The problem is that those candidates that are good enough to get bonded scholarships are also the ones who can easily get much higher salary if they work somewhere else.
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