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loved this game with their classless system & skill wheel.

bosses are like Dark Soul, must learn the mechanic, stuck @ Act 2 Bosses but still enjoyed the experience so far even with bugs & such (Stuck @ location or character did not move the way i clicked)

but compared to AAA games, this game is enjoyable & I cant wait for what they can become.

for $41 SGD bundle, it well spend imho to enjoy during this self-quarantine period.
There's no real build variety or "boss mechanic". If you are stuck, respec and dump all stat points in toughness and it becomes doable, just be mindful of lame one hit extreme damage attack using dodge(E.g Edric/Justicar burst nova at the end of phase 3, tankable if you have gear that have lots of resist). Keep it at such till you reach the endgame and respec again to whatever you think looks good...

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