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Ignore this guy. He was the one who went against Travel Advisory for MFA and encouraged people to go HK when the area was going through Riots. He has a knack for spreading half-truths.

I will like to report this user, enigmastar for posting misinformation with regards to DIY hand sanitizers using Industrial 99%IPA in the forum.
User information:

The reason why I am raising this matter is because with the current COVID-19 situation here, I feel that users have to be responsible with what they posts here. With the shortage of hand sanitizers here, there are already numerous reports that people are buying up IPAs to be repurposed as sanitizer hand rubs.

The use of Industrial 99% IPA to be repurposed as DIY hand sanitizers involves risks that must be clearly defined and understood. Not to mention the exact method to safely dilute and store the IPA. Most people out there have no idea how to handle such large amounts of industrial 99% IPA and such miss-information may cause injuries or health issues.

There is a difference between pre-diluted 70%IPA and industrial 99%IPA as the article below points to:
“3. ANTISEPTIC - ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL also known as rubbing alcohol, it is a clear, flammable liquid that belongs to the same family of compounds as alcoholic drinks. 70 per cent concentration is used as medical antiseptic solutions as it is not too harsh to the skin. Higher percentages (i.e. 99 per cent Isopropyl alcohol), are only meant for household cleaning and disinfecting solutions.”

Below is my explanation on why the said user(Enigmastar) is spreading misinformation in the forum with regards to this matter"

Initial assessment that said user is unfamiliar with Industrial 99% IPA.
Below is the transcript of this user’s posts in this thread.
“Anyone know how much percentage of alcohol in those industrial IPA stored metal container sold by hardware shop?”
“Same container but no tiger brand. No brand , only put safety data sticker in front. Anyway to test the content?”
“This type”
“How to tell?”
“Ya i going to diy. I already bought the industrial ipa from nearby hardware shop and place it in my company fireproof cabinet. 18l for 40 dollar , just like the picture in my link. Just that i don't know the alcohol content. Tiger brand is 99.8% base on horme storepage. The nobrand i bought i dunoe how much percentage.”
“The seller also duno de. The tiger brand also don't list the percentage on its label. Only can know the percentage based on hormes page product specifications.”
“Thanks for the information. So can presume its 99% ipa already.
I going to make alot cause its for the whole company. In fact i bought 2 x 18 lL. Haha.
No choice my colleagues all use hand sanitizer like water especially the ladies. Open one door sanitizer 1 time . Toilet nearby can wash hand still prefer to use hand sanitizer. Visitor come in also ask them to sanitize their hand. The 12 bottle of hand sanitizer i ship over , i think can only last 2 weeks max.”

Based on what this user had posted, the queries this user raised, the absence of explanations on the risks and health hazards with handling the chemical and verified methodology of how to mix the chemical with other different ingredients. There was also no indication of how to dilute the 99% IPA to usable levels of 70% IPA by this user. This indicated that the said user had no knowledge of what he or she is doing and definitely not a certified chemist that has experience with chemicals.

Having concluded that the said user is unqualified to give advice on the matter of DIY hand sanitizers using 99%IPA, the said user is now seemingly advocating the use of 99% industrial IPA in DIY hand sanitizer rub in another thread with no details and credible facts.
Thread of interest:

Below is the transcript of this user’s post in the mentioned thread.
“Ownself go make.”"
“Can get industrial ipa 99% 18L for $42 at hardwareshop easily.”
“Sanitizer/disinfectant (not hand sanitizer) just go any industrial estate hardware shop have liao e.g tuas , changi , paya lebar)”
“Of cause if can buy it off the shelf is better. But i don't like supporting reseller or queueing to buy so diy better.
TVBS taiwan reported on diy sanitizer method along with its expert recommendations.”

I attempted to seek clarification for the said person’s posts in the thread. Link to my post:

But instead of addressing my concerns on the matter, the said user refused to clarify his position on the matter for the benefit of everyone reading the thread. The youtube videos the said user posted are not credible to me and adds to the confusion without proper explanation.
The said user’s claims of explaining the uses of IPA in another thread is also false, as I could not find any posts this said user made to clearly define the general usage, risks and health hazards with regards to the use of industrial 99% IPA.

Said User's reply to my query for clarification.
“Sorry i don't think i need to spend any time to explain to clone. I believe u have already searched my post history and i have already shared about the uses of ipa in another thread .
Please use back your already unbanned account then we talk ok?”

With reference to moderator’s thread on posting responsibility to avoid misleading others:
and to this updated post:
The absence of credible material to support this user’s claims, lack of choice words such as “Should”, “Would”, “Could” and general context of the said posts, indicates to me that this user’s intentions for his or her posts in this thread is not to create a discussion point or opinion, but to reiterate what the said user's post are facts. The reiteration of half truths due to lack of knowledge by this user is misleading to me.

While people should do their due diligence, and do proper research before believing what an anonymous person with no actual prove of credentials is posting here, the weight of responsibility will still fall to the person who is spreading the information. That is why we have POFMA.

To conclude, I personally felt that the said user (enigmastar) had contravened forum rules by deliberately spreading misinformation with regards to the safe use of industrial 99% IPA, and urge forum moderators to investigate and do the necessary to prevent such misinformation in the forum. This is for the benefit of all users and readers of this forum.
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