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LOL nice try.

Please go read this thread and ask the mod to ban everyone there. Just read the first post can liao

Please stop wasting Mod time to read such a long story to get your vengeance on me.
Ok we ignore the clone of your best friend eclipsemint

Last post here don't want waste Mod time here.
Your claims of me being a clone of this user eclipsemint is unfounded. Therefore your assertion that this report is lodged against you because of vengeance is ludicrous.

Distractions aside, the reason why I lodged a report against you is because you are telling everyone to buy Industrial grade 99% IPA when you yourself are terribly ignorant of certain important facts relating to this chemical, which is dangerous and misleading.

You will know why I lodge this report against you soon in the hand sanitizer thread which you are active in.
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