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I am posting in this thread is with regards to my report on user Enigmastar for telling everyone to buy Tiger brand industrial grade 99% IPA.
The reason why i reported him to mods is because he told people to go buy the tiger brand industrial 99% IPA when he himself does not know anything about it, which I feel is very irresponsible.

Below will be my attempt at clarifying the misconception that any grade of IPA can be used to make a DIY hand sanitizer.

This is a link to WHO's document on recommended handrub formulations.

As quoted from the WHO document:
Only pharmacopoeial quality reagents should be used (e.g. The International Pharmacopoeia) and not technical grade products.

The Tiger brand IPA that Enigmastar and possibly a few users are asking people to buy are industrial or technical grade IPA that are generally used for general purpose thinning, washing and cleaning. Please refer to the technical data sheet.
It is not supposed to be used as an ingredient in hand sanitizers due to the following reason:

Industrial grade IPA is the most most basic and least refined or filtered grade of IPA. Below is an article on grades of chemicals.
"7. Technical: Good quality chemical grade used for commercial and industrial purposes. Not pure enough to be offered for food, drug, or medicinal use of any kind."

The manufacturing process is not as stringent and as such, it may contain impurities and even have risks of microbial contamination, which can contaminate the hand sanitizer.

contrary to belief, hand sanitizers and even alcohol swabs can be contaminated if proper or contaminated ingredients are not used. Alcohol DOES NOT KILL EVERYTHING. Examples below:

Alcohol swab recalled because of bacterial contamination.
Hand sanitizer recalled due to bacterial contamination

From the above articles, contaminated hand sanitizers and alcohol swabs can cause serious health problems.
The correct or safest type of IPA to be used in DIY hand sanitizers are USP grade IPA as recommended by WHO.
3.U.S.P:A chemical grade of sufficient purity to meet or exceed requirements of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP); acceptable for food, drug, or medicinal use; may be used for most laboratory purposes

Further reading on Microbial Contamination for those interested.
Quoted paragraph of interest:

Definitions and Types of Chemical Products
Sanitizers are chemical agents capable of reducing the number of viable bacteria by 99.999% in 30 s under specific test conditions(Block, 1991.
These types of products have limited antimicrobial activity and are unable to inactivate bacterial spores. Sanitizers also cannot handle soil and should therefore be applied only to precleaned surfaces.
Examples of typical sanitizers used in the pharmaceutical industry are 70% isopropyl ethanol(IPA)and 70% ethanol. Given the fact that alcohols do not leave residues, these chemicals are widely used for sanitization of product contact and work surfaces despite their limited antimicrobial properties.

I hope the information I shared here is useful and hope that everyone be careful when dealing with IPAs.

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