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My post here is for the benefit of everyone reading this forum and is not specifically directed at you.
To be clear, I am not debunking what you and others are doing here. I am stating specifically that you are ignorant of the risks involved with using industrial IPA as hand sanitizer, and yet is telling people to buy it as an alternative without giving any warnings.

I believe you don't even know that you need to dilute the 99% IPA first to be more effective until I pointed it out and attempted to advise you based on the following posts you made.

The formula in the first post is wrong and nobody in this thread pointed it out. And you cannot assume everyone knows how to dilute it first before using. This is not knowledge the everyday layman will know or have. And furthermore many recipes online does not state this too. Example: at your own risk)

To tell others to buy the type of IPA you are recommending as an alternative when you yourself are totally ignorant of the risks is misleading and downright irresponsible. You are stating a fact here not an opinion. This is the primary complain I made against you.

You are not forcing people to follow this DIY thread, correct. However the weight of responsibility will still fall on you and others here to put disclaimers on the information you and others are sharing here.
A wrong fact carries more far weight and consequences then a wrong opinion. I believe moderators had already advised to be specific on what is an opinion or fact from your posts to prevent misleading others.

Please be responsible and put a disclaimer on your posts here. Thank you.

Hey don't waste people time la. Just see the 1st post of this thread ok, didn't it say mix with aloe vera? Since when did any user here say pour 99% not mixed on hand? You nothing to do , please go start another thread with your long essay. Nobody here even brother to answer u directly, just show how absurd your thinking is.

If you still think i do anything wrong , please go report straight to admin or call police as you usually do.
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