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Posting replies to my clarifications and other posts by said person enigmastar in the thread for record purposes.
Thanks for spending your time to write this composition and also spend time to write in the feedback forum to report me, Clone of eclipse mint lol
I did not tell everyone to use 99% alcohol directly on hands, i think everyone knows here that we need to dilute it based on the formula given in the first post and widely available formula online.
Also i did not tell anyone to go use industrial ipa, its only for those who unable to find alcohol or the price is too high for them so i suggested an alternative. Buying Cheap thing always come with a risk, no stomachs for it, please don't.
Btw this is a diy thread, if you feel its risky, not safe, by all means go buy off the shelf product.
I hope this is the end of your attempt to "debunk " what we trying to do in this thread. If you don't agree, by all mean start a new thread or buy off the shelf. No one is forcing anyone here.
Thanks for the update WussRedXli.
I think everyone here know that if the product is readily available and reasonable priced, everyone will buy it .
The situation now is everywhere OOS or overpriced so we have to look for alternative.
Its the same with mask, why everyone is buying mask from Indonesia and Vietnam when clearly the production of mask from these sources is dubious?
Is that we have no other choice.
Same with diy hand sanitizer. If anyone not comfortable with diy stuff, just buy it off the shelf if they can find it or willing to pay more.
I don't know what is the intention of someone to go report to feedback forum. Its the same behaviour of someone who had been activetly posting in hk forum to debunk others then got banned and abandoned that account , then use this current account to keep posting in that hk thread. He was famous for reporting to police, writing long letter to admin and ministry . Lol.
Hey don't waste people time la. Just see the 1st post of this thread ok, didn't it say mix with aloe vera? Since when did any user here say pour 99% not mixed on hand? You nothing to do , please go start another thread with your long essay. Nobody here even brother to answer u directly, just show how absurd your thinking is.
If you still think i do anything wrong , please go report straight to admin or call police as you usually do.

99% can dilute it using water or aloe vera to make it 70%

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