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Love this game. After playing D3 for several years, I played PoE. It was a difficult start. Found the game too hard (used a Ranger), then learned how to survive. Finished the story several times across different leagues. I don't farm maps though. I just like starting new characters and playing the story again.

Then, I played D3 again (PS4, PC, and Switch). Played Dark Siders Genesis, now trying out Wolcen. But, I keep coming back to PoE. Now playing through the MetaMorph league, which I'm loving.

I'm a PoE supporter too. Bought a supporter pack and several cosmetic enhancements.

Favorite classes: Witch (Necromancer), Scion (strength focused), Marauder, and Templar.

Can't wait for PoE 2 to come out!!!
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