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So the fellow in YouTube saying about gps location different is not the cause of the ban ?

Question is what's going to happen to your main account after the 30 days ban. If u spoof again, will Niantic suspends your account permanently?

Correct, but I've noticed some things. Recently iOSGods got revoked certs and was down for a while before it can be installed again. Usually I just install their premium certs but now I custom install them. At that time I was also on iSpoofer 3.5.4 in which iSpoofer later recalled and reverted back to 3.5.3.

Users in Reddit said 3.5.4 and 3.5.5 got issues in which the legit app had some update on its 'anti-cheating features', which iSpoofer might not address, causing loopholes and exposing to Niantic that you're cheating.

Soon after iSpoofer came out with 3.5.6 and so far so good, though it's still not a 100% 'corrected' version. A number said the suspensions were caused by revoked certs, but there are also a number of arguments.

If my this spare alt account gets suspended also, might not play for a while already. Now I also dunno what to do next when my main acc gets its 30-day suspension lifted, but it's also my last straw.
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