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Must see who the developer also bah, Hoi Hup's finishings for Parc Canberra is disappointing for me but Ola need do e-app to see the showflat, and I abit can't be bothered.

So with mid quality finishings, developers still can save money while selling at higher price because EC is still a "cheaper" condo option.
I already decided not to visit the Ola showflat. Didn't even know need to e-app to see.

Regarding finishings, I agree is damn important. Relative's house is in Bellewaters, and the flooring in the bedroom is breaking apart already before MOP. Relative says no choice, was already considered when buying. Just wait till everything break apart then redo better quality one.

Developer is Qingjian, same developer as HPR. I don't know how HPR finishings will be like.
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