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I already decided not to visit the Ola showflat. Didn't even know need to e-app to see.

Regarding finishings, I agree is damn important. Relative's house is in Bellewaters, and the flooring in the bedroom is breaking apart already before MOP. Relative says no choice, was already considered when buying. Just wait till everything break apart then redo better quality one.

Developer is Qingjian, same developer as HPR. I don't know how HPR finishings will be like.
If the developer so yaya need eapp then can visit show room , means they v confident to sell out. Which I think likely will sell out too. Suggest you skip this too. Just enjoy your life in your current home. Your situation is different from those EC buyers anyway. You dun mind stay put, dun mind resales and prefer big unit with a tight budget

For example my case, my first HDB is small, and can sell 4xxk. We want to upgrade bigger unit, only want new flat but not eligible for
2nd timer bto anymore. And even if eligible, chance to get it is very slim cause always oversubscribed. For my ec purchase, it is 8xxk, meaning i just need to top up my loan by another 400k. Some resales HDB already selling over a million, so I guess those sellers might be the ones buying those more expense EC like the 1.6million EC.
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