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Don't think they yaya la. More like crowd control due to virus.

Congrats on your EC purchase. I guess you bought early, so should be at least 1000 sqft.
First HDB is a 4-rm, so it is almost the same size or bigger.

My situation is, first HDB is a 5-rm of 1200 sqft.
If I want a bigger unit, which I am still looking, and also a new one, BTO does not offer it. So? Must either tio Toto or resign to fate lor.
I think I lucky buy early. Just 2years ago only. 1066sf, so I think slightly bigger than HDB 4 room. I thinking 5years reach mop to decouple and buy another private if can, or if need 10years then too long already.

For me, not many options next time already. If price go up, even if I sell high, I have to buy high. I hoping for price to drop so I can own 1 more condo but unlikely also.

For you, if u still eligible and want new one, just keep applying bto as 2nd timer. Maybe you lucky within 2years can get. U not in a hurry anyway
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