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Wow can quarrel about exynos and sd? Are you guys getting paid for it?
SD is just superior. No one needs to be paid to say this.

I sold my note 10 plus exynos two weeks ago in anticipation of the S20 Ultra.

Having learned that it's 128gb and Exynos, I decided to buy an SD Note 10 plus 512gb that arrived a few days ago. With the film screen protector supplied I had 100 per cent fingerprint detection.

Butter fingers I dropped my phone and the film was damaged but not the glass. So I changed it. Due to the virus and supply problems in China the shop has a shortage of higher quality note 10 plus glass protectors.

The shop told me they had a much cheaper one that had about 50 maybe 60% detection rate, so no choice. I installed it and the detection is about 85-90 per cent. He was amazed and I told him it's a snap dragon set, not local.

The Samsung ultra sonic fingerprint sensor is made by Qualcomm. So it seems we may be also short changed in other ways.
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