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Got to rant somewhere.

Intially when i first saw the S20 pre order launch. They took in all the 128Gb base model instead of giving us 256Gb or 512Gb option. Giving us a Exynos 990 rather than a Snapdragon 865. A weak promotion gifts (Buds+) that is only included for people whom pre ordered s20+ & s20u.

Worse of all, when you comment on them in their FB page, all they could say was, all the s20 models comes with a expandable storage.

Come on, its 2020. Expandable storage is by far the worse thing to include in a smartphone, why? Cause expandable storage is indeed not safe. Data integrity can be stolen by just having someone who can take out your SD card. It is also unreliable, you won't know when will the SD card gets corrupted, or an error has occured. It was never a safe idea to even store photos or private info on an removable storage.

Now today, they came with another stun, they give s20 pre orders a free Buds+. Those whom consider the s20+ because of the free Buds+ are taken for a ride. Lol although i do see in FB, there are customers whom are asking them to change their pruchases and i hope they allow them to change.

Now Samsung MY is doing something to their sales figure. Giving away a free 4k TV.

And what is Samsung SG doing over here? Sitting on their throne and not going to bring in bigger storage options and giving s20 pre orders a free Buds+.

Come on Samsung SG, charging us exhorbitant pricing for a 128Gb phone is already a ripped off. The least you could do is to do a proper phone pre order launch.

Admit it, this is by far the worse Galaxy launch in History. I mean come on, i think Samsung SG could have done a lot better!
Agreed. Bring on the 512GB. Singaporean are rich
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