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I like the Rozsnyai Budapester model more; it looks more modern IMO. But the budapester last for both brands are really too chunky. That is why I MTO my shoes to get the budapester design on their 323 last instead.

IMHO, from owning both shoes I do feel the Rozsnyai ones slightly edge out the Vass shoes in terms of design and craftsmanship. And it is slightly cheaper too.

In terms of SPI both are the same at around 6. The Rozsnyai one used a thicker thread with no welt fudging while the Vass one used a thinner thread with welt fudging.

I ordered a new pair of Rozsnyai with their dense welt (guess it's around 10-12SPI and with welt fudging) and will post pictures here once I get it.

Here's a comparison between Vass K last and Rozsnyai 323 last - both looking very similar to me in terms of looks and fit.

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