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Since no one has mentioned, Iíd like to recommend British Airways. Itís a non-stop flight to LHR and I really like the comfort of their economy class / premium economy class seats. If possible, choose the economy class seats on the A380 upper deck. Alternatively the economy class seats on the 777-300ER are the same and just as good. Depends on which aircraft type you like to fly. Both are spacious but the A380 is a lot quieter. Catering is decent but then again SQ isnít that fantastic these days so not really a point for comparison.

Weak points: IFE isnít as good as Krisworld on SQ. Toiletries are non-existent in the economy class cabin unlike SQ.

Then again, BA fares are often cheaper than SQ for the 11pm red eye flights to LHR.
Had past experience with BA12 A380, no complains, works for me

For a direct flight to LHR, I've been looking at BA and SQ, and BA is usually 30-40% cheaper

side note: With BA's recent cut in frequency on the SIN-LHR route, my A380 flight as been cancelled and will need to change my flight to the 777. Would you recommend any seats in particular? Am concerned with the noise and the amount of sleep I can get in
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