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Hi guys,

I would need some advice on my macbook pro. I purchased my macbook pro (macbook pro 2018 model 2 years ago and suddenly the laptop went in to black screen and not able to power up and charge.

I went over to Apple service centre and currently are doing a diagnosis on the macbook pro. However, preliminary they said likely the Macbook mother board was dead.

I have tried shift + control + option and power button. The Keyboard backlight and screen was not lighted up.

Anyone has faced the similar issue before ? Is it possible to extract out the data from the macbook pro? Any recommendation on macbook data recovery service ?

Thanks for all the advice in advance.
The most idiot proof backup program inbuilt on the mac is “time machine”. Simply connect a external drive will back up your Mac. Since yours already in Apple service, your MacBook will surely be fixed. But at a costly price.
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