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Beg to differ bro. Better specs on paper yea but better performance i dont think so.

Same ufs 3.0, slightly better benchmark score but comparing exynos 990 and the sd855 version of n10+, performance of day to day operation is worst as shown in my previous video but definitely better then a local set exynos 9825 n10+ though

But paying a premium for s20u, as the "ultra" suggest, people wants "ultra" on every aspects on the phone though (battery life, performance, camera) . But having to pay 800 to 900 more just for the cameras and slightly better performance, i find it doesnt really justify though... Just my 2 cents
i'm definitely only going to compare to local sets, be it note10+ or s20u. so when i mean better specs, it is factually better than note10+.

and better specs doesn't mean it will have better battery life. some of these better specs (120hz frame rate, 240hz touch sensitivity, 8k recording, 5g etc) are known battery drainer so that bigger battery life is really just to cover these features. knowing all these, i won't expect s20u to still have ultra good battery life. decent at most.

of cos i have to agree price will affect one's expectation. if that's the case, do go for n10+. it's still a solid phone in 2020.
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