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Where do you all buy these shoes? Online or retail shop in Singapore? I am looking to try Edward Green and other brands but could not find it in retail.

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I got my first 2 pairs of EGs from their store in Jermyn St. in 82 last and 888 last. After which subsequent pairs I ordered directly online in the exact same last and size combinations.

Fit is really complicated with these brands:

EG especially offers many different lasts, all of which have different fit (the difference is significant some times!). The 202/606 lasts are designed for wider feet while the 82/915 and 888 last are designed for normal feet.

Another important point to consider when buying english shoes is that they are designed for ang moh feet which are generally slimmer than asian feet. So your usual width sizing might not work. My feet are very similar (luckily) - not wide and my arch is quite high for asian feet.

Yet another point to take note is that EG lasts width are different from what many are used to. The "E" width is their normal width.

Sizing is also complicated with EG shoes. For example a UK9.5 (my size) is actually US10. Size is very personal and some people like to wear dress shoes that fit lose in the toes but snug width wise.

Moral of the story is you won't know until you try one. Buying online is always at your own risk. English shoes are not for everyone.

So far I'm not sure if there's any shop left in Singapore carrying a wide enought collection (if any) of EG shoes for you to try them out. There's just no market for shoes that cost more than an iPhone.

You can try this website to see if they have any for you to try.
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