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Me participated 4 times, never win. Got into the final round once but still lost.
1) I think the tournament are for invited guests only, my sisters wanted to participate but was rejected.
2) participants have to come out with own bankroll ($400 or $600) for both prelim and final round. Players take home any winnings during the tournament.
3) tournament game type limited to Good Fortune machines locate at level 7 Red Lion. Min bet per spin $4.40 during prelim and $8.80 during final round.
4) Seats are allocated by GD to all participants, no choosing of game type.
5) Usually, there are 8 batches of players for prelim round and each batch consists 20-30 players given 10 mins to play the game, 5 participants from each batch with the highest winnings or remaining credits will move to the final round.

Is it worth joining? some think it is not worthy to use own bankroll (money) to participate a slot tournament, but me think is quite interesting though never win before. Probably for the past 4 times experiences, I didn't use a strategy but just simply play by luck and that was why I can't make it to the top 5. I have think of a strategy for next my tournament and see it is works.
Wow thank you so much for such a detail explanation bro ..

Was invited but still considering whether to participate on this coming tournament ..

Wishing you best of luck though ... hope u will be lucky this 5th time and win 💪
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