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Looks like there is another 'diamond princess' saga developing.
It is the 'Grand Princess' now.

For those of you who would like to follow this news you can click on this link.

You may want to watch the California Governor press conference here

You have to wait a few minutes before the start of the video.

I just don't think the Singapore Government would allow anything close to this to happen here in Singapore.
differences between those princess cruises and GD and Qots here.

1) GD and Qots are homeported here, in Singapore.

2) We will more likely to be exporting covid into the ships, not from the ship into Singapore.

3) If quarantine needs to happen, the government here is unlikely to let the quarantine take place on the ships. Instead, our government will welcome all passengers and house them in designated quarantine chalets for foreigners, and let residents self quarantine at home.
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