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DanielJ wasn't bought nor played to be a goalscorer. His contribution to the team is making sure the opposition can't play too high a line cause he'll exploit the space. The only thing is the end product after he exploits the space. He will need to look up more often and make better decisions on whether to go for personal glory or determine if someone else is in a better position. Now that BrunoF has shown that he will make the effort to get into unmarked spaces, the wingers should start looking out for him out of instinct.

Good win, though the scoreline flattered us. Man City looked ordinary (but still very good in terms of team dynamics and formation) without KevinDB. It could easily have been a 0-0 draw if we didn't manage to score the first goal.

OdionI's way of holding up the ball with his back to goal reminded me of Mark Hughes. And that backheeled pass was excellent. If his wages aren't exhorbitant and the transfer is possible without ridiculous fees, then I'd be happy to see him permanently in the squad as an option alongside MasonG while letting the latter develop a bit more and perhaps even pick up a thing or two.

We should be good to qualify for the next round of EL and can perhaps afford to field the 1.5th team this Friday in preparation for the trip to Spurs.
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