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It's been quite a long time since I've seen an S8 though, so can't say for sure. For me the panel on the v50 looks fine, but not outstanding. Though my only slight concern is with QC, especially when it comes to uneven tint. I think it's less common for their V series devices (since they might be using better panels), but for Pixel devices with LG screens, I've gotten uneven tint on Pixel 2XL, Pixel 3 (I've own a couple, and most of them has varying degrees of uneven tint), and even Pixel 4 (very very slight). That said, I'm more fussy than most in this regard.

But overall considering the price of the phone (qoo10 export set when there is coupon available), it's a pretty good deal imo. SD855 with expandable storage, 4,000mah battery, best in class 3.5mm, IP rating, wireless charging, best ultrawide camera quality I've used so far, and the rest of the phone is somewhat decent too in most regards.

That said, there are some risk involved getting export set still. Also for Korea unit, you have to deal with se of their bloatware that can't be removed, and there is a Korean clock on the lock screen too. :/

Noted! thanks for replying! I am quite ok with the drawbacks.The $400 ish price is just too tempting haha
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