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Advice for Home Automation

Hi guys,

I'm new to Home Automation and wanted to do a setup for my resale house. Can I please seek your advice on the following setup and equipments:

1. HA Ecosystem - Amazon Alexa (Echo Plus 2 and Echo Dot)

2. Switches - Unsure. Any recommendations?
I'm looking for smart switches with neutral wiring as I intend to ask my electrician to run neutral wire. Anyone know the estimated cost? Any recommendations for the switches? I'm quite interested in the brand Livolo.

3. Lightings - Philips Hue Garnea Hue Downlight
I just bought Philips Hue on sale and thinking of getting the Philip Garnea Hue Downlight (51107). I only need the warm and cool lights and I wish to control the temperature.

4. Smart Wall Socket
I'm thinking of getting a few of these wall sockets so that I can set up some automation to switch off devices when I leave the house. Not really into smart plugs cause it will be bulky for the wall plugs.

5. Vacuum Cleaner - Roborock S6
I read somewhere that this device needs to be set up with Xiaomi SG server instead of the CN server. Am I right?

6. Home Security - Xiaomi sensors?
I understand I need the Xiaomi Smart Home hub for the sensors and these needs to be set up with CN server. Not sure if Alexa can be integrated with Xiaomi SG server and CN server together. Or should I get Aqara sensors?

7. Blinds / Curtains - Somfy maybe? any recommendations?

8. Aircon control - maybe Broadlink RM mini 3.

One question:
- Is it possible to use a 1 Gang smart switch for the heater?

I'm not sure if all the above can be integrated into one ecosystem.
Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.
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