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Not sure if I sure get s5e or s6. Mainly for fb, youtube, play ML and abit of school work. Or should wait for huawei matepad to launch in sg or wait for tab s6e/s7
If you want to try Huawei, MediaPad M6 is enough to suit your needs. No significant lags when playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on it, but it is very heavy and tiring.

If you aim for MatePad Pro, though, I would prefer it if you aim for Tab S6 since both are around the same price. The stylus placement for Tab S6 is better too you won't fear losing it as opposed to just sticking it topside for the former.

And if the desktop mode is anything similar to MediaPad M6, from Googling, DeX is way more polished.

Though I have listed so much shortcomings of MediaPad M6 as compared to Tab S6, I am still lovin it as it is able to achieve my minimal requirements: gaming, multimedia, note-taking, illustrations and online learning.

The only gripe (against all Android tablets out there now) is the lack of enthusiastic tablet supported apps. In the past you could efen find tablet apps sections in the Android Market. Now, those "HD" version apps that existed (like Cut The Rope HD, PPTV HD and whanots) have long since been removed.

My only semi solution for not having portrait restricted apps to appear properly is by launching them via desktop mode. Tried those force landscape apps but doesn't actually look well.

Still, it all boils down to your personal preference. I'm just giving my personal views.

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