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The question is if you need it urgently? If not then you can afford to wait. I actually don't think there will be a meaningful improvement between S6 and S7. Sure the SOC will likely be better, i.e. SD 865 vs 855. In both cases, these are fast SOCs and unless you run some benchmarks or planning to use it primarily for games, you should not feel much of a difference.

These sort of special keyboard case is something that I normally don't recommend people to buy because your concern is spot on. Compatibility is usually a problem, followed by the question on durability. Worst part is that it cost a lot.
Yes I actually bought a Microsoft bluetooth keyboard that only cost a fraction but did not use it after some time as found it troublesome to switch on both keyboard and bluetooth then connect each time I want to type. Not to even mention having to charge keyboard when one nowadays already has so many gadgets to charge. The additional 1 or 2 steps may sound simple but doing it multiple times on daily basis actually turns out more troublesome than it sounds.
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