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Yes I actually bought a Microsoft bluetooth keyboard that only cost a fraction but did not use it after some time as found it troublesome to switch on both keyboard and bluetooth then connect each time I want to type. Not to even mention having to charge keyboard when one nowadays already has so many gadgets to charge. The additional 1 or 2 steps may sound simple but doing it multiple times on daily basis actually turns out more troublesome than it sounds.
If Tab S6's keyboard is anything similar to MediaPad M6's, then good news for you. You don't have to wait for connection time. Just snap the tablet onto the keyboard you can immediately type without lag time.

Aaaaand... These keyboard types no need charge. They operate by drawing power from the tablet. So no on/off troublesome actions nor the need to pair it.

And Tab S6's stylus charges itself the minute you stick it back to the resting slot.
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