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Looks good though but Iíll stick to my still new 2018 model.

First impressions: Same design as 2018 model except for the rear camera, now similar with iPhone 11ís dual cameras but the LiDAR sensor for ToF for AR is more advanced than the one on my Note10+ which doesnít matter since I donít use them and I also never used an iPad to take pics.

Price still similar to 2018 model except for $1199 now you get 128GB instead of 64GB (wifi model). Still 64GB enough for me for iPad usage but the 128GB base capacity is a plus.

Keyboard seems much better than previous keyboard folio with an Ďactualí keyboard rather than fabric covering over the keys which also makes typing unfriendly. Iíve to compare this with my Logitechís slim folio pro as itís currently still a wonderful experience to type on. I presume the new butterfly magic keyboard should be the same the 16Ē MBP. Backlit keys is a big plus over the older model as itís really convenient on when youíll need the keys to be lighted up when typing on very low light conditions. Hmm....trackpad for iPad?? Ermm...I think I use my pencil or finger to tap on the screen is still faster than a moving cursor. The new floating design is unique with a USB-C port on one side of the hinge which can be used to charge the iPad Pro, rather than the traditional way of plugging it from the bottom. Last thing for the new magic keyboard, it still has no protection for the sides of the iPad when closed, although much slimmer as compared to the Logitech slim folio pro.

All these being said, the new 2020 iPad Pro seems to be an ever speedier demon as the 2018 modelís A12X is already lightning fast, not to say the A12Z, plus wifi 6 as seen on the iPhone 11 series. But the magic keyboardís $400+ and $500+ price tag for the 11Ē and 12.9Ē respectively is really expensive.

If I never bought my 2018 model early last month, Iíd definitely get this but at that time I really needed my iPad since my 2017 model broke down, but overall no regrets too for the 2018 model. This 2020 model will be great for early 2018 model adopters or new iPad Pro buyers.

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