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Shanice I strongly recommend you remain at Eastern Iceland if you want to see the northern lights. Itís forecasted to be KP3 tonight and the skies are clear in Eastern Iceland.

We left Akureyri yesterday, and drove 6 hours to Snaefellsjokull which is one of the Western tip in Iceland. Cloud forecast shows very clear skies and KP forecast was 2.7.

We camped outside our cabin from 9am to 3am, and boy itís really gorgeous to see aurora dancing above us. The whole sky was lit in green and we saw streaks of green/purple/white whipping across the skies from 12-2am. The lights were so strong that we could see it clearly with our own eyes.

We are really lucky to see such gorgeous display of aurora just 2 days before we head home. Itís like Iceland waving goodbye to us.

Aurora on top of Mt Kirkjufell

And cloud forecast last night
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