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7. We only eat out on the last day of our trip... at KFC KeflavŪk town. It cost us S$35 for a bucket of 10 orginal drumsticks!

8. We book airBnB one day in advance, or on the morning itself after checking road conditions to ensure we can make it to the destination. We only book cabins/cottage as we want privacy and also away from light pollution. All airBnB accommodation we booked comes with stove/induction cooker.

9. We didnít change any ISK or used any cash during our 2 weeks stay. All petrol/grocery/parking paid with Apple Pay/Paywave. We didnít use our physical credit card at all.

10. When pump petrol using the terminal, no matter what preset ISK amount you choose the bank will hold 20,000 ISK on your card and it will be cleared in a week. Take note of your credit limit as you may render your card useless. Another option is to pump first then walk into the kiosk and pay at the counter... you get charged the exact amount to your card.

11. If you plan to drive the whole ring road, I strongly recommend driving anti-clockwise. Reykjavik to southern Iceland have good flat roads and itís really easy to drive; moreover the attractions are pretty close to each other in southern Iceland. Take time to get familiar with your vehicle and the driving conditions in Iceland. Eastern/western Iceland has lots of mountain roads and itís challenging to drive when weather is bad.

12. Note that the estimated travel time on Google Map/Waze are estimates based on speed limit in perfect weather. A 2-hour drive on Waze will usually end up as 3-5 hours in bad weather... you may end up crawling at 40kmph on a 90kmph stretch when itís icy and snowing.

13. Iceland has the worst weather. We got blown off our feet in the mornings when winds are at 50-80kmph and it was snowing/raining. Our airBnB host came over to rescue us from his cabin. If not we may have missed our flight.
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