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Please donít say that, Iím here to learn and had learned a lot from others like bro newbie1993.

Itís natural for him to get defensive when bought his first property, but no need to keep insisting I bought tapestry when Iím just providing my honest opinion to someone else.
I wouldnít know tapestry actual unit has become a show flat until recently my friend bought a 2 bedder 1 toilet unit and he called me up for my opinion. Thatís how I came to know about this.

Anyway, congrats to your Park colonial (if I recalled u mentioned u bought one there?), my cousin also told me Park colonial progress is quite fast, she even send me a pic showing most of the block are completed. She bought a 3 bedder there.

So does it sounds like I also own a unit there at Park colonial since I know itís progress so well? Lol.

Wah. I donít remember I mentioned this. Hahaha but yes, I bought a small unit there.
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