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I prefer this line of thinking : the camera is a smartphone whose sole function is taking pics, but one it excels at.

however you need to go into the RAW files of a cameras pics and manually edit to get the most out of your camera, jpg processing in a camera is pretty basic & limited as compared to what smartphone computation can do.

and bcos of this, new generation of photographers not only need a good eye & skill with the camera, but also need to be good at post processing.

the camera's processor is devoted to af, capturing burst shots light measurements etc.

modern smartphone excels in computation e.g. fake bokeh, guessing & stitching the scene e.g. HDR, but the sensor is small, it will always lose out in DR, tonal accuracy, low light/high speed situations, no matter what the marketing hype of the smartphone says.

the focus now is on improving smartphone sensors, but this is good for cameras too, any improvements in phone sensors will scale to APS, medium format etc.

it is true that most pictures are viewed on smartphone these days, but a trained eye can almost always tell the difference between a phone & camera pic.
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