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Hi I recently ordered a MK (Michael Kors) bag and sent it USA vpost. Then I separately ordered 2 other bags for my friends as the base charge was the same. Then I realised one of the bags in my friendís box was wrong. So I told them to repack and send the wrong one back to MK. They asked for a damage waiver consent and I gave it to them. However they wrongly repacked my package which has only one bag in it. I was so pissed and I told to them to return the whole package of my friends as I couldnít deal with their incompetency anymore. After I shipped it to sg. They repacked my mk bag way worse than sardines in a can. It was a medium sized bag but it was squished into a tiny box and they had no regard to the damage it might cause to the costly leather. All protective plastics were removed. This is atrocious given that I didnít give my damage waiver for the box I ordered. May I know what can be done for this kind of situation. Anyone has similar experience ?
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