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It looks like they are adopting macau casino practices when they reopen.
Sands macau has been offering free rooms of up to 14 days stay to members in hong kong too, but there is problem if you are working in hong kong, will need to stay home for 14 days after coming back and most likely company will take the opprtunity to sack you if not in the gaming industry.

Ferry and buses also practice social distancing which limit the number of people going from HK to macau, causing hardship for hardcore and professional gamblers

Have to cancel my home leave from HK to singapore for Easter and Golden week in May as need to stay home order for 14 days on arrival , going to miss genting free maxims and genting grand club rooms for a period

Understand Malaysia is going to quarantine non citizens on arrival at checkpoints which most likely, have to plan a 29 day stay if going to genting highlands, RWG

Visiting MBS or RWS during this time is the best except for the $150 day levy
It looks like they are no more selling daily levy based on the poster for RWS.
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