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This is the 1st draft of my appeal letter.

What do you guys think?

Dear LTA,

On 22 Mar 2020, 3.36pm, I was driving along Seletar Link. I accidentally exceeded the speed limit of the road by 1-20km/h.

The reason that I exceeded the speed limit was because I was unfamiliar with the area as it was my first time driving there.

This lesson has left a strong impression in my mind. I have been driving with additional care ever since and will continue into the future.

Prior to this, I have always driven very carefully since the day I got my license. This is the first time that I made a traffic offence. I seek your leniency, which will I treasure immensely!

Thank you for considering my case!

My Name
People who are unfamiliar with an area will usually go slower, why are you going faster?

This lesson can leave a stronger impression if they don’t accept your appeal wouldn’t it?

One should always be driving carefully and that should be a given no?

May want to consider addressing this.
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