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after moonton introduce red buff, mm should go bot lane. it is easier for mm to take red buff and farm 2 jungle healing monsters and crab. this way mm will get more gold and exp. they will get to level 4 fast and able to push towers plus join team fights earlier than mid lane mm.

mm don't need blue buff so leave it for mid laners who can carry like lancelot, gusion, selena, ling etc or mages who need mana like cecilion etc.

also it is not easy to gank mm at bot lane. mm in mid lane will be dead most of the time if there are 3 enemies in mid as mm do not have early game damage compared to other heroes.
Now they 131 in the beginning mm always go mid then after that become mage go mid now mm tank and 1 support go mid
And they now also have this hyper carry mm takes both buff
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