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Recommendation on a smart home hub

Hi gurus,

I've got 3 questions on smart home hubs and will like to seek some of your opinions.

I've recently changed my lights switch to the Aqara light switches. (Thanks for the advice earlier!) I have a Xiaomi gateway and managed to find the Aqara light switches to set some automatic scenes on the mi home app.

However, the problem comes when i want to link it to use voice control through Google Assistant. Somehow the Aqara light switches are not exposed to Google Home through the Mi Home app. I've read somewhere that if i get the Aqara hub and using the Aqara app, it will be exposed to Google Assistant for voice control. However, I'm looking for alternatives solutions because i don't want to have too many different hubs in my house as i find it quite messy and confusing.

My questions are

1) Has anyone tried it with the Aqara hub? Will it expose the Aqara light switches to Google Assistant?

2) Is there any recommended home hub that is a bit more brand agnostic? This is so that when adding more smart devices from other brands in the future, I might not need to get another new hub for it as well.

3) I read on this thread about the Tuya Hub, will it be able to work to link the Aqara lights to Google Assistant? I've tried researching about it online but information on it seems a bit scarce.

Thanks gurus in advance!

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