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This is the 1st draft of my appeal letter.

What do you guys think?

Dear LTA,

On 22 Mar 2020, 3.36pm, I was driving along Seletar Link. I accidentally exceeded the speed limit of the road by 1-20km/h.

The reason that I exceeded the speed limit was because I was unfamiliar with the area as it was my first time driving there.

This lesson has left a strong impression in my mind. I have been driving with additional care ever since and will continue into the future.

Prior to this, I have always driven very carefully since the day I got my license. This is the first time that I made a traffic offence. I seek your leniency, which will I treasure immensely!

Thank you for considering my case!

My Name
Point 1: The correct authority is TP not LTA.

Point 2: It has to be an emergency (stomach-ache is not considered one)

Point 3: It has to be stand any chance. (I'm not stating it openly but this is usually the best option)

Point 4: Very unlikely, you have to prove faulty equipment - like your speedometer.

And finally: Point 5, why jump the gun? How do you know you will be summoned? You may not be or you may be given an advisory.
If your speed exceeds below 5kmh, very unlikely. Below 10, unlikely. Below 15, depends and an advisory may be issued. Over 15, likely. Over 20, almost certainly.
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