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If you have false ceiling then, in-ceiling speakers. If not, then whatever you can safely mount on the ceiling will work. Most probably it will be light like a satellite speaker.

Gallo Micro is popular probably because of its light weight and sound quality and dainty looking.

SVS Prime Elevation. Mostly wall mounted as Front/Rear Height channel. Not sure if can be ceiling mounted as Top Front/Middle/Rear. Do find out more.

Dali Fazon / Fazon Mikro. I prefer Fazon because it should be able to crossover at lower frequency. Fazon may come with adjustable mounting bracket.

Cheaper options include Polk Audio OWM3 or OWM5. Also Polk Audio Signature S10 for better sound quality but it's bigger and heavier.

There are many options but for myself I am considering only speakers that I can crossover to subwoofer at around 100hz or 120hz at the most. So that helps narrow down the options.
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