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Thanks for the clarification. Pretty safe then other than the inconvenience of receiving these kinda msgs every now and then.

LS won't anyhow paynow transfer. They usually ask victims personal data first like CPF data, family data, addresses and contact numbers before any transfers is made . The datas will be use to coerce and harass victims. That is very important for their "business". Hp number alone won't do for them.

If stupidly they paynow to you, other than your phone number, they won't be able to get their money. Anyways if such transfer occurs, do make police report so as not to implicate yourself against the law.

So, unlikely they will transfer anything to you. The possibility is very, very remote. Think again, why would they bother deal with bankrupts if the former owner of that line is what you claim to be.

Anyway, you can only report and block such messages. I'm personally pissed at this situation. Govt agencies and telcos should do more in this regard.
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