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Hi, I recently got into a moneylender scam and got cheated of $2700, I have alr made a police report. The police advised me to block them and stop paying, but I receive harassment texts thru WhatsApp from other numbers and they start threatening me and showed me videos of burning houses down, I'm scared that my parents would be harassed too and they would look me up at my house or workplace as they have my hse address and parents contact number, Im afraid to let my parents know of this as they will scold me, will the "loan sharks" rlly look me up at my hse and splash paint etc? Can I have some advise as this is the first time I fall for such a scam
Yes, not trying to stress you but face the reality, LS might and will harass you at your home.

Letting everyone who you gave their details know, like your parents, is a must. They are your parents after all, getting scolded is part of the deal as children. We always make mistakes.

Even the harshest of parents will forgive their children.You NEED them to support you morally now in your darkest hour. Tell them, get scolded and I bet they will provide you support and comfort none of us here are able to. No parents will let or see their children get harass or suffer. Parental instinct will kicking.

My spouse and children gave me the strength when it was my darkest hour. You shouldn't suffer alone.

It's a big move but you MUST tell them before they get to know it themselves.

Regarding what to do next, do read up past few month post by others.

Stay strong.

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