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Anyone has experience of CGW rejecting shipment? I had a nike shipment which was ordered by a US buddy and sent to CGW rejected. Do they not accept nike shipments? First time seeing this after using CGW for so many years
It's likely due to the zip code issue. They explain it in the FAQ after I was wondering why my best buy order keeps getting cancelled.

Due to our large volume of packages and in order to enhance sorting and delivery performance, the United States Postal Service has provided us with our own ZIP code (97252). However, some online stores may not recognize this yet, so we encourage you to use the old ZIP code (97220); you may use 97252 but only if a store prevents you from using the other. Both zip codes are valid.

Additionally, some online stores require a ZIP+4 code. The first five digits indicate the destination post office or delivery area. Whereas, the last 4 digits represents a specific delivery route within that overall delivery area. If asked by the online store, please use the ZIP+4 code below:

97252-0001 (primary)

Under I would like help with>My US Address>I am having issues with the zip code
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