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What should I do? My issue is I have Legal lenders and also UML like 6 stalls. Pay defer till it is over the loan amount. I have not defaulted any but I'm stuck in the loop of paying and paying the defer payment. I'm really scare now and not sure if I should report to police. As my legal lenders has my contact and I believe they sold my contact to UML. so if I change my number and give my new number to Legal lender. The UML would be able to get to me too. It like an non ending cycle. I already feel like dying! Please help.
If you don't stop paying those LS your misery won't end.
Few months ago I was way worst than yours, I owe 17 stalls ($1X,XXX) in one month,until I cannot pay anymore, loan here and there to pay here and there, don't know if all were connected or under one boss only, but I don't care, I decided enough is enough, I expected for the worst.
I changed my hp no., made police report, closed my bank acct then slept well. Am I scared? of course I was, but after 3 weeks that I ghost them they splashed my house but don't know which company did it.
Then I installed cctv, now so far so good, sometimes got oversea call at my office phone but my colleague won't answer.
Stop communicating with these criminals, the sooner you ghost them the better on you.
You are not the only one who ghost them, there were a lot of us here who ghost them, but you see where we are now, much much better that before.
Learn from your mistakes move forward and learn to fight these criminals.
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