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Hi All,

UML are using this harassment tactic currently. After the recent food delivery harassment, they are now moving into using those "new victims", whom
fall into their trap by believing they are licensed money lender after exchanging texts from whatapps. They will trick those " new victim " by asking them to go collect their loan amount at their " boss " houses. Those so called " Boss " houses are actually those UML victims. UML are now using this tactics to harass people. Please take note. Heard it from my colleague as their neighbour encounter such incident recently and they called police on the spot. What happen to the " victim " afterwards i do not know. Only heard the victim telling the police that before going to ABC place, he went to EFG place to find the "manager" before going to ABC place, but kana chase off by EFG " manager" , saying the manager will report police if the " victim" dont go. Maybe they are working for UML as runner and played victim upon police arrival or pure victim. For this, will let SPF to handle as we do not want to jump to conclusions.
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