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What should I do? My issue is I have Legal lenders and also UML like 6 stalls. Pay defer till it is over the loan amount. I have not defaulted any but I'm stuck in the loop of paying and paying the defer payment. I'm really scare now and not sure if I should report to police. As my legal lenders has my contact and I believe they sold my contact to UML. so if I change my number and give my new number to Legal lender. The UML would be able to get to me too. It like an non ending cycle. I already feel like dying! Please help.
Firstly, stop paying UML, Ghost them and make Police report.

Second, LML cannot harass you for repayment. Can report any harassment from their debt collectors to Registry of Moneylenders at Ministry of Law. Don't waste time calling the police unless the debt collector starts intimidating you. His job is only to hand you the Letter of Demand. No need to answer him if he ask you when to pay. If he refuse to leave then call police. Don't forget to write complain email to the Registry. Try to get in touch with the LML office for a repayment plan. Use the money you pay to UML to settle the LML.

If repayment is really impossible, consider the Debt Repayment Scheme from Ministry of Law. It's an avenue for debtors that don't want to go bankrupt.
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