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It just looks like there are discrepancies in land bid prices during the period of enbloc euphoria. Developer who overbid and surviving on thin margins are helping developers of kopar and SR sell. Woodleigh Residence is one good example that is helping the rest of the island sell at high prices.

However, if the economy and job losses turn out to be as bad as the forecasts, kopar and SR can afford to slash prices while the rest will incur losses.

Right now, sinkies still appear quite optimistic about the property market just like US equites in early feb.
SR can’t really decrease selling price a lot as they’re making a 13% profit compared to many other developers making 20 to 30% profit

Yea agree that some developers overbid for their land and helped other developers sell
To me SR shld be one of them that helps cause nearby Margaret Ville bid abt 950psf for their land but selling same psf as SR, translating to 27% profit

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