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What is LML? I got loan scam via WhatsApp a few days ago.

Made police report
Changed phone number.
Officer in charged say go atm machine transfer them back the $500 they gave me. No less.

They wanted $800 (means extra $300) but I learnt that Id feed more they will keep it up and continue with harassment.
They went crazy and sent lots of messages and those burning photos to us. He told my wife that he will print my face and put everywhere in the block.

Im honestly distraught. I asked the inspector he says if they really wanna do such things they wont tell u. They just do it.

Can someone tell me these loan scams do they really come up to your place?

I also installed Cctv already. Im still distraught. Though I changed my number my wife refused to. I just feel very upset and worried they will disturb my family.
LML= licensed Money Lender.
U mention Officer in charged say go atm machine transfer them back the $500 they gave you. R u sure? IO wont ask u to transfer money back to those scammer. Please report that Officer to higher authorities.

We cannot confirm whether those runners will come or not. Be vigilant. some runners do come, some are just empty threads. Most important, block all their numbers, do no pick up their calls or reply their sms. Block them. Be uncontactable. If can, changed your numbers. Close all tour social media accounts. Alert your family members, neighbours and employer.

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