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LML= licensed Money Lender.
U mention ď Officer in charged say go atm machine transfer them back the $500 they gave you.Ē R u sure? IO wont ask u to transfer money back to those scammer. Please report that ď OfficerĒ to higher authorities.

We cannot confirm whether those runners will come or not. Be vigilant. some runners do come, some are just empty threads. Most important, block all their numbers, do no pick up their calls or reply their sms. Block them. Be uncontactable. If can, changed your numbers. Close all tour social media accounts. Alert your family members, neighbours and employer.
Yes because the inspector says they transferred. If I donít return I get into further trouble. Cox they donít even get back their original amt. I have young kids at home. Iím scared.

The moment i returned I ghosted then. No extra given to them. I donít want their dirty money too.

Office has been notified. The only thing I cannot change is my address. Iím terrified. I cannot function properly
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